"(Show Me Your) Scars" is an unreleased track off of Bentley's cancelled English album, "One Hand High". A preview of the song was uploaded in January of 2008 onto the Official YouTube Channel, but was taken down in Early 2010, along with the "Early Demo" version of Birdcage. Throughout the preview, Jones added commentary to the song due to some "Licensing Issues" at the time. During the commentary, he remarked about the track - saying that he, "originally wrote this song a few years ago [from 2008] which is why it sounds different to the tracks [he] worked on more recently."

The song, a favorite among many of Bentley's earlier fans, has been highly asked over the years if it will ever see a full release in the future, to which Jones replied that he, "hopes to release Scars soon, [he] just needs to find a 'proper' project to place the song on."

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