Disco Mix Club (DMC) is a DJ remix service founded by Tony Prince which began as a radio show (Disco Mix Club Show) in 1981 on Radio Luxembourg in the UK. Prince helped popularise a new style of DJ mixes using the turntable as an instrument. DMC started operating as a remix service in 1983. They started producing remix cassettes in February 1983, and vinyl in July 1984. As early as 1989 they began producing compilation CDs, and later began issuing remixes exclusively on CD. In 1986, DMC started the annual DMC World DJ Championships through the Mixmag magazine.

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DMC is the prime site that Bentley Jones uses to sale his PHUNKST★R remixes to DJs. In April 2013, DMC published the compilation remix album PHUNKSTAR 10th Anniversary Best Remixes Collection.

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