Into the Night
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"Into the Night" is a track from the 3-Track Sampler of Gaia Online's PROMAGEDDON. Currently, "Into the Night" is the only song from the 3-Track Sampler that has yet to be released in full version. Due to this song being a collaboration in lyrical terms, a copyright infringement has popped up, preventing Jones from releasing it. "Into the Night" was performed live at Summer of Sonic 2009 as the opening song of the event after the acapella version of "素直になれたら ~FINAL NIGHT~" was performed as Bentley's entrance onto the stage.


Into the Night (Looped Demo) - Bentley Jones (Promageddon Gaia Online)02:38

Into the Night (Looped Demo) - Bentley Jones (Promageddon Gaia Online)

"Into the Night" (Looped Demo)

Into the Night (Live HQ) Summer of Sonic 2009 - Bentley Jones02:35

Into the Night (Live HQ) Summer of Sonic 2009 - Bentley Jones

"Into the Night" (Live HQ) Summer of Sonic 2009

3-Track Sampler
Into the NightRoad Trip to OBLIVIONSwing Baby!

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