"Jump" is an unreleased track off of Bentley's cancelled English album, "One Hand High". The song is a cover of the American Rock Group, "Van Halen" who originally released the song in Decmember of 1983. Bentley's cover is not notably different compared to the original, other than the fact that his version was revamped to bring the song into a more modern day style of music, much like what he did with his cover of the 1982 song, "Only You" by Yazoo on Defying Gravity. A preview of Jump was uploaded in early 2008 onto the official site and Myspace, but was taken down in Mid-2008 after Bentley cancelled One Hand High to begin work on TRANS//LATION. The song is known to have been performed live, most notably during a gig in 2008 at Brannigan's Nightclub in London, UK.

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