Nick Jennison
Nick Jennison

Birth Name

Nicolas Di Sanctus

Record Label



Newcastle Upon Tyne, Britain, United Kingdom


Nick Jennison is the lead vocalist and guitarist of UK rock band Saints of Arcadia. Nick made his first appearance alongside Bentley Jones at Summer of Sonic 2009 to perform with Bentley in the acoustic set of the event. Ever since then, Nick has contributed his guitar skills to several of Bentley's projects. [1] Nick's vocals are also featured in the songs "Joyful" from the EP, Entourage, and "Don't say "lazy"", as revealed in the 2010 London MCM Expo, from the WE Я ANIMADE project.

Collaborations with Bentley JonesEdit

For a collection of songs that feature Nick Jennison available on Bentley Jones Wiki, see Category:Songs that feature Nick.



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