Birth Name

Tanaka Shunsuke

Record Label

Village Again


Osaka, Japan


SHUN (born Tanaka Shunsuke 田中駿介たなか しゅんすけ)), is a Japanese rapper from Osaka, Japan. He was born 21st April 1992.


Taken from SHUN's official biography.

SHUN is a Japanese rapper who began his interest in rap music at age 16. Formerly a member of DASH!!, SHUN released his debut mini-album on the 23rd of March 2011.

SHUN made his own mini-album titled After School. SHUN has also collaborated with artists such as Shimizu Shota, KEN the 390, COMA-CHI, and Matsushita Yuya.

Collaborations with Bentley JonesEdit

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