Sound Future was Bentley's former record label in Japan until contracts between Bentley and several other individuals were breached multiple times by the company. [1] They helped promote Bentley's projects in Japan as well as update the official site in Japanese. The first project from Bentley that was released under Sound Future was the "Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil in Headphones)" single. Curtis Young and BIGZAM are also known affiliates of Sound Future.

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On 24 November 2012, Jones announced via Facebook and Twitter that he is now the office manager of Sound Future. [2]



Interview with BentleyEdit

ベントレー ジョーンズ インタビュー PART 1 (Bentley Jones Sound Future Interview)02:32

ベントレー ジョーンズ インタビュー PART 1 (Bentley Jones Sound Future Interview)


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