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The Rebellion
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Bentley's first ever UK album, The Rebelliion




Digital download, CD Studio album



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Remix Factory

"The Rebellion" is the sixth full-length and first UK studio album from Bentley Jones labeled under the Remix Factory Music released on 6th November 2015.

Album InformationEdit

Bentley's first ever UK album is another stunning example of his infectious and powerful songwriting, this time taking on a more darker and mature tone.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Amazing Laserlight / G.H.O.G.H. - 4:14
  2. The Rebellion - 4:35
  3. Passenger - 4:06
  4. The Last Minority - 3:26
  5. Take Me Away - 3:46
  6. 911 - 5:34
  7. Worship You - 3:37
  8. Delectable Sin - 3:53
  9. Picture of Me - 3:48
  10. (Show Me Your) Scars - 4:03
  11. Jesus Told Me Lies - 4:17

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