UPGRADE 0.1 〜Non-stop Megamix〜
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UPGRADE 0.1 〜Non-stop Megamix〜 is a bonus CD-R of UPGRADE 1.0

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UPGRADE 0.1 〜Non-stop Megamix〜 is a bonus CD-R of the full-length English album, UPGRADE 1.0, along with UPGRADE 0.2 〜Videos〜. It contains remixes by VDJ Ta-shi (The Clock Position) and Bentley Jones, both utilizing Bentley's alter-ego PHUNKST★R. This CD-R is part of UPGRADE 1.0 〜The Complete UPGRADE Limited Edition〜, which is a limited edition bundle that was available for international fans.

Track ListingEdit

Tracks 1-6 mixed by VDJ Ta-shi (The Clock Position). Tracks 7-14 mixed by Bentley.

UPGRADE 030:47

UPGRADE 0.1 (Continuous Mix) - Bentley Jones

UPGRADE 0.1 〜Non-stop Megamix〜

  1. "MUZIK" (Curtis Young featuring Bentley JonesPHUNKSTAR Vocal Mix)
  2. "Bad Boi"
  3. "Invincible" (featuring SHUN)
  4. "Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil in Headphones" – PHUNKSTAR Radio Mix)
  5. "Down in Tokyo" (UPGRADE Ver.)
  6. "Sexy People" (PHUNKSTAR Radio Mix)
  7. "STUTTA"
  8. "Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil in Headphones" – Original Mix)
  9. "MUZIK" (Curtis Young featuring Bentley Jones – Original Mix)
  10. "Touchscreen" (PHUNKSTAR Vocal Mix)
  11. "Ready to be Loved" (PHUNKSTAR Vocal Mix)
  12. "Let Me Be With You"
  13. "Joyful (UPGRADE Wynter Ver.)
  14. "Down in Tokyo" (UPGRADE Ver.)

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