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Prequel: TRANS//LATION 2 (2011)
Sequel: Defying Gravity (2014)


1. "Sexy People"

UPGRADE 1.0 is a full-length English album from Bentley Jones that was released on the 24th of October, 2012. The album consists of all Bentley original tracks, as well as multiple collaborations featuring May J., Curtis Young, 柴田知美, and SHUN. [2]

A bonus disc was included in the limited edition version of the album, UPGRADE 1.0 〜The Complete UPGRADE Limited Edition〜. The disc, UPGRADE 0.1 〜Non-stop Megamix〜, included remixes by Bentley Jones and VDJ Ta-shi (The Clock Position). Also a part of the limited edition version of the album is the HD MP4 digital release UPGRADE 0.2 〜Videos〜, includes the music videos of "Sexy People" and the UPGRADE Wynter version of "Joyful". While 0.2 was originally a DVD package, the HD MP4 videos were released to the customers who bought the limited edition to compensate for an encoding error found in the DVDs that caused the video footage to warp. Although this problem was spotted very early on in the ordering process, a very small handful of the DVDS were still shipped to a few customers.

In 2013, shortly after terminating his contract with Sound Future, Bentley announced that there was going to be a Re-Release of "Upgrade 1.0" entitled the "International Edition". It will be re-labeled under Remix Factory Music and will essentially replace the "Japan Edition" that was released under SF. The International Edition was released on December 12th, 2014 and contains brand new album art (which was secretly revealed for a split-second in the "What Now...?" music video) as well as a moderately renewed tracklist.

Album InformationEdit

UPGRADE is bursting with 15 brand new tracks – all written, produced and arranged by Bentley himself – featuring collaborations with J-pop princess May J., the young and fierce Japanese rapper SHUN, J-urban diva Tomomi Shibata (柴田知美), and son of the legendary Dr. DreCurtis Young. [3]

There are 2 limited edition bonus discs available from participating Tower and HMV stores in Japan.

International fans don't fret – a small number of UPGRADE 1.0 〜The Complete UPGRADE Limited Edition〜 packages are now available at The set includes UPGRADE 1.0 CD album with bonus CD and HD MP4 video downloads along with signed UPGRADE artwork exclusive to The first orders included a free UPGRADE 1.0 promotional poster, which sold out in less than 20 hours. [4]

UPGRADE is also available for MP3 download from all major stores internationally.

Bentley confirmed that he is working on UPGRADE Live Acoustic Set. A release date has yet to be announced, though Jones hinted that he may perform the acoustics on a live chat session.

Album SamplerEdit

UPGRADE 111:20

UPGRADE 1.0 Album Sampler - Bentley Jones ベントレー・ジョーンズ

UPGRADE 1.0 Album Sampler

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Down in Tokyo" (UPGRADE Ver.)
  2. "" (featuring May J. and Curtis Young)
  3. "Sexy People"
  4. "Boys and Girls" (featuring 柴田知美)
  5. "Ready to be Loved"
  6. "The City of Angels"
  7. "DizKonnekt ~Touchscreen Segue~"
  8. "Touchscreen"
  9. "Invincible" (featuring SHUN)
  10. "Let Me Be With You"
  11. "TOKKATA"
  12. "Emersion ~Intermezzo~"
  13. "理由 ~Give me a Reason~"
  14. "Joyful" (UPGRADE Wynter Ver.)
  15. "Just for You"





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For the full photo album, see

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